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Shyne Talks Love For Drake, Disdain For Rick Ross: “He’s No Teflon Don”

*Well Shyne looks like a hot mess. I am just reading up on this article on Necole Bitchie and it is pretty interesting so check it out here. I think before he makes his big "comeback" he needs to consult a stylist! Being a superstar is more than just making songs. It has to be a total package and he's def missing the mark right now.

Here's the article:

Fri, Apr 01 2011 via Necole Bitchie

Rapper Shyne is becoming one of the most interesting characters in hip hop. Following his release from prison after serving a 9 year stint for a club shooting in which Diddy and then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez were guests, Shyne was deported and sent home to Belize. Now he lives in Jerusalem as an Orthodox Jew under his new name, Moses Levi Ben David.
So what has he been up to since his release? According to reports, he will be releasing an album in May through Def Jam. In the meantime, Superstar J and Nina B of Superstar Radio caught up with him via Skype and he discussed everything from being inspired by Drake to his disdain for Rick Ross. He also addressed critics of his new sound.
On Drake
I think the Drake kid has serious potential to go down in history of rap. I definitely get inspired. He’s not really a rapper, he’s a musician. He sings, he makes great music. I’m definitely inspired by what he does.
On critics of his new sound
I don’t have time to sit there and come up with a personality or come up with a character. Whatever you hear, is what came out. I don’t have time to fight what’s coming out. I think it sounds good, I like the way I’m flowing to the records. Art has always been subjective. It was never guaranteed that you were going to come out with a record and everybody was going to love it. We need to do a quick recap of history as to when I first came out. When I first came out everybody screaming blasphemy, “Oh, he’s trying to be like B.I.G….Oh, what’s Puff doing over there at Bad Boy? Oh, we hate this guy.” It took song after song, performance after performance after interview after videos….It took a real campaign for people to be like “Yo, alright I’m jacking this dude, I understand it, I get it. That’s Shyne, that’s who he is, I’m feeling this dude…” It took like an entire year, an entire trial and decade, it took a while for the audience to grow with me and really understand me.
On If He’d Bring The “Old Shyne” 
You have to understand the difference between me and the difference between everybody else. I was talking to Fat Joe the other day and he was like “Yo, it’s entertainment” and I was like that’s the difference between me and a former correctional officer or any of these other dudes.
On Rick Ross
I’m the real larry Hoover, these rap dudes is J. Edgar Hoover [...] He’s not no drug lord, he’s not no teflon don. You gone sell records based on people who really suffered, people that’s really running those streets. There are dudes that are really running from the police because they moved hundreds and thousands of kilos. The real people doing that aren’t doing it ’cause they want to but because its a means to feed their families. So for you to be a dude on the other side of that locking those dudes in…To be making records about that is ridicilous.”
On being very selective on whom he chooses to work with
I try to stay away from certain people. I’m really about truth, so if you’re lying and if you’re not who you say you are, I really can’t have anything to do with you. So most of the people I interact with are honest people. They are who they are. Drake is a kid that says, “Listen, I’m not from the streets, I’m just making good music.” Kanye is a dude that doesn’t try to be anything other than who he is. Wayne is really off the block. All the kids that I respect and admire are truthful people. I like the kid Lupe Fiasco, I think he’s extraordinary. I’m really about truth. If you’re being honest and you have integrity, I’m all for you.
Oh Shyne, not sure if he’ll be able to make a good comeback the way the industry has shifted over the last few years.

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