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Best Bets for Fashion's Night Out

The dress is ready and the shoes have been selected. Now debut your ensemble at this stylish September 8 event. Where will you go next Thursday night for Fashion's Night Out?

by Raya Ramsey for D Magazine 
Fashion's Night Out, Northpark
(clockwise from top left) Betsey Johnson, Elie Tahari, Diane Von Furstenberg, Herve Leger, models and Northpark FNO 2010.
photography courtesy of Corbis and vendors


NorthPark Center is a hot spot for Fashion’s Night Out. Find fashion podiums with designer collections, mini makeover stands, and in-store parties, including: champagne at 7 For All Mankind; drinks, bites, and complimentary gifts at the new Elie Tahari store; Prosecco and other Italian cocktails at Gucci; Fashion’s Night Out tees, girly sips and bites, and gifts with purchase at Betsey Johnson; champagne and gifts with purchase at Herve Leger; cocktails, light bites, and gifts with purchase at Stuart Weitzman; and more. Don’t miss Neiman Marcus’ big to-do, with separate events in each department. Highlights include a runway show styled by Dallas fashion bloggers, Scotch and hand-rolled cigars in The Man Store, a birthday party for Hanky Panky panties, hair feathering, a photo booth, fall beauty demonstrations, and, of course, cocktails, sweets, and music by DJ OB-Jen and Juice

Forty Five Ten is hosting Hollywood-based Decades’ first Dallas pop-up shop with owners Cameron Silver andChristos Garkinos. Shop the best in designer consignment clothing (including pieces from celebrity closets), with a soundtrack by DJ Lucy Wrubel’s tunes and cocktails in hand. Don’t miss Dezsojewelry designer Sara Beltran, who’s also making an appearance.
Fashion's Night Out, Stanley Korshak
Stanley Korshak FNO 2010
photography courtesy of vendor


Sachin + Babi designers are sending their wares down a runway, followed by a trunk show, a dress to be raffled off, and special gifts with purchase. Extra treats include music by DJ WISHFM, light bites, and cocktails from Patron and Ultimat Vodka.


Jan Strimple’s runway show, featuring a quarter-mile long catwalk, will be the star. But you won’t want to miss complimentary champagne lounge, tunes by the Fashionistas’DJ Brandon Olds, or the cocktails, snacks, and discounts happening at retailers all over the mall.Gucci is serving Prosecco and other Italian cocktails; Juicy Couture is doing fragrance sampling and offering 20-percent-off deals; Karen Millen is hosting a DJ with champagne and style advice; and Robert Stock of Robert Graham clothing is signing autographs at Saks Fifth Avenue, with live music, signature cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, mini facials in the cosmetics department, and fashion shows throughout the store.
Fashion's Night Out, Highland Park Village
(clockwise from top left) Highland Park Village FNO 2010, and Christian Louboutin.
photography courtesy of vendors


Highland Park Village is a fixture of Fashion’s Night Out events. Don’t miss Jan Strimple’s fashion shows (at 7 pm and 9 pm) in front of Escada, and mini parties at Jimmy Choo, where D Magazine introduces its new fashion blog, StyleSheet, with girly snacks and wine; Christian LouboutinFrederic Fekkai’s vintage hair parlor and wig shop, where you’ll find the exclusive FNO shoe and cocktails; Diane von Furstenberg, which features food, drinks, a new fragrance, home goods, and a photo booth with a take-home flip book; Scoop NYC, featuring an in-store stylist, champagne and beer, and make-your-own bird boxes; Hadleigh’s Bespoke Lifestyle, celebrating its new storefront with a bar.


A while back, I had someone ask me to start covering sports on my blog and if you know me at all you will agree when I say that sports are definitely not my thing. Talking about football, soccer, or golf are not how I like to spend my day. I'd rather discuss what's going on in the fashion world, the current fashion trends, and which celebrity needs to hire a new stylist. To each their own though, and my good friend Telly has started a sports blog and is now posting the information that she loves to talk about, sports and athletes. I love the post about how to spot a groupie. Check out the blog here and leave her some comments when you find something that interests you. 


9 things guys say should never be fake about you

I ran across this article today on 9 things that men don't want women to lie about. I thought it had some really good information and was also very true. I know from experience what a lie can do to a relationship and it is very hard to build that trust back once it has been broken. I would love some feedback after you read this about the most important things that women don't want men to lie about. Please leave your comments below or feel free to email me and I will post them for you. Thanks so much and enjoy! 

Written by LaDawn Black
"Guys want genuine women in their lives. They want to know who you are and what you’re about right from the start. Women don’t want their guy to change mid-relationship, and guys want the same thing from a partner. Knowing this, I’ve compiled a list of the top nine things that my male listeners and readers feel should never, ever be fake about you: 
1. Sharing your man’s interests
Often, women will feign interest in activities that they would never normally do in order to get to the first date with a man and to keep things moving along once they’re seeing each other. Don’t go crazy for his favorite football team, develop a love of white water rafting or suddenly crave Ethiopian food if those things simply are not true to your character. He will eventually see through it or be greatly disappointed when he didn’t get the outdoorsy woman that he always dreamed of once you grow tired of it. A man would rather you admit early on that you’d try something new just for his sake than to act like you absolutely love something that you have totally hated all your life.
2. Friendships with other men
Do not act like your guy friends are purely platonic when you’ve actually dated (or hooked up) in the past with some of them. Guys understand that you can be friends after the romance ends, but they 
really want to know whether or not Bill, who you have lunch with every day, is simply a work buddy or a former flame. Your boyfriend doesn’t want another guy knowing intimate details about you without his knowledge. Being honest about this area of your life is key in how he chooses to interact with them and whether or not he’ll accept your friendships with these men.
3. What you want out of the relationship
Be clear about what you want out of love. Do not tell him that you want something casual when you know that you have already planned the wedding out in your head. Don’t say you want to settle down when you are juggling 10 other guys on the side. He wants to know what the goal is in your dating game so that he can decide whether or not to continue playing along. Also, easing into a relationship doesn’t guarantee that you will be able get something deeper going down the road with him if you change your mind. 
4. Your opinion on his circle of friends
Do not act as though you like his friends and family when you really don’t. Men have been caught in this trap many times by believing their woman was comfortable around — and even enjoyed spending time with — their inner circle, only to find out months later that she was actually miserable. He would much prefer that you were honest about which people you enjoy being around and which ones you don’t care for. Many relationships are lost when an annoying friend or family member is always around. Let him know your true feelings about his circle so that he can make adjustments to make you more comfortable.
5. Your overall look
Men love a beautiful woman, whether she’s all natural or full-on glam. However, most feel that you should be just as stunning at 6 a.m. as you were the previous night out at dinner. Men get the magic of makeup, heels and even Spanx — but they want the “natural” you to be just as captivating. Plus, they want you to be just as confident and sexy without all those props as you are with them.
6. What goals you’d like to achieve in the future
Don’t approach him as a high-powered career girl and then, once you move in together or get married, decide to quit working to stay home all the time. Men like to feel that they know what type of partner you will be down the road, and if you are secretly hiding a passion to work abroad, become a soccer mom, or dig into a few more degrees, he needs to know this so that he can make a more informed decision about your overall relationship compatibility. The truth is, he has a picture of the “ideal” family life in his mind — just like you do.
7. Your desires in the bedroom
Some women pull out all of the “big guns” in the bedroom early in the relationship only to cool things down once a man’s hooked. Men feel that the way a relationship starts out sexually is where it should stay, and if you are playing around and pretending to be something you’re really not in order to get a ring, he will be devastated. Be your true self in the bedroom and you’ll have a better chance of building a sustainable relationship.
8. What you find attractive about him
Why are you interested? Why are you there? If you’re interested in him only because he is a fabulous lover, tell him that. If you are only interested in him because he is powerful and successful, be honest about that, too. Most men (like women) know their strong points and their weaknesses. He’ll know what really see in him and will be greatly surprised if your actions and words line up with his thoughts. Bottom line, he wants to know what attracted you in the first place so that he can maintain it and keep you interested over time.

9. Your romantic history
Be clear about your past relationships and love history. He wants to know who he should be on the lookout for, who hurt you the most, which one is “the one that got away” and who you still have to deal with regularly because of things like kids, a job or a family member. Men do not want to be surprised by your past lovers, and they also want to try to avoid doing the things that let you down or hurt you in the past with other men."
LaDawn Black is a relationship expert, radio personality and the author of TEASE: Steamy Short Stories. Learn more at

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DIY Spike Comb

Posted by  from Honestly WTF

We first fell in love with Jennifer Behr‘s dinosaur headbands after seeing them on the runway at Fendi. Then, we crushed hard on this Maison Michel metal spiked hair comb spotted on Elena Perminova in Paris. Perhaps we can blame our attraction on our stegosaurus obsession (yes, this is true). Or it could simply be because these spiked hair accessories are so badass and bananas (also true). Either way, a DIY was definitely in order.

You’ll need:

Start by adding a small amount of liquid super glue to one end of the comb. Place a metal spike on top of the glue and hold it in place for at least 30 seconds. Let it dry completely before letting go.
Glue another spike to the other end of the comb. Then, using a ruler, place the rest of the spikes along the length of the comb to make sure there is enough spacing between each spike.
Continue glueing each spike, alternating from one side to another.
Stick the spiked comb in a bed of teased and tousled hair!
 (top image via; rest of images by HonestlyWTF)
These are so cool and I will make some of these myself as well. What does everyone think of these spiked combs? Would you rock this style???

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Kim Kardsahian To Make $17.9 Million Off Of Her Wedding

*via NecoleBitchie

Kim Kardashian looked like an Armenian princess this past weekend as she was escorted down the aisle of ‘her wedding by step-dad Bruce Jenner. The special occasion, which is being pegged as ‘Hollywood’s Royal Wedding’ by news outlets, was held at a private estate in Montecito, with Kim’s sisters, Lamar Odom and Rob Kardashian rounding out the wedding party.

Years ago, when it was announced that sponsors would be footing the bill for Star Jones extravagant wedding to Al Reynolds, news outlets wrote it off as ‘tacky’, however, Kim’s wedding was the epitome of big business. Not only did they sell the photos for $1.5 million, but everything from the $10,000 invitations, the $2 million dollar ring, the $15,000 10 tier wedding cake, $400,000 worth of Champagne and the $25,000 Vera Wang gown that Kim wore, where donated by sponsors in exchange for publicity and Kim will reportedly make $17.9 million dollars off of the wedding when all is said and done.  Honestly, $17.9 million seems highly exaggerated but considering the ad spots for the two hour special are running $100,000 a pop, anything’s possible.
Kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian Bride
Mason the ring bearer

Check out a behind-the-scenes look into Kim’s multi-million dollar wedding below:

Source: The Insider | E News

What do you think of the wedding and her making money off of it? Will you be watching when it airs on E? While I was in LA I had a chance to go to the wax museum an I took a pic with her wax figure there. Kim tweets that she had no idea they were making the figure and also that she would never wear the dress that they put on her. 

 Kim Kardashian 

 Kim Kardashian 

 Kim Kardashian 

It was interesting and I think quite unnecessary that they had her wax figure guarded and taped off so you had to get permission to take a pic with the figure. Here's a few pics I snapped of me and my daughter with the figure. 

What do you think of the figure and the dress choice? This is not the dress she will wear in her wedding.  It is rumored that she will wear 3 different Vera Wang dresses throughout the wedding and 3 different pairs of Giuseppe Zannoti heels to go with each style of dress. The shoes were custom made for her. I can't wait to see the wedding special on E to find out all the details. 
Leave some comments!

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