Advertising and Partnership Opportunities
HoneyBEE Billi can be a means for your company to get our readers eye's on your products, services, or website. We deliver daily updated content about the latest fashion trends, local clothing stores, celebrity "gossip", and other valuable information. We are building a loyal following from word-of-mouth marketing and social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. The majority of our readers are from the United States, female, age 18-34, who love to shop, and spend at least 30 hours a week online!

Sidebar Ads
We offer a variety of sidebar ads which can be purchased in monthly increments. Please contact us if you are interested and we will send you a rate sheet. We will also send information of our monthly stats of traffic information. 
Available Ads

• 300×250 – (Medium Rectangle, right of content & below content)
• 728×90 – (Leaderboard, below header and menu)
• 160×600 – (Wide Skyscraper, right sidebar)
We are also open to forming a deeper partnerships with companies whose brand and identity are a natural fit for our blog. In addition to a premium ad slots, these campaigns can include social media support through Twitter and Facebook, in person events, and potentially blog post tie-ins. Please contact us for more information.

Partnership Contact

Potential advertisers on HoneyBEE Billi must follow blog's aesthetic
*author's blogging integrity must be respected.


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