Thursday, March 31, 2011

Would you let your 8 year old wear a padded bikini!!!!

*This is crazy!!! I would never let my child wear such a thing. Read this article and tell me what you think!
Abercrombie vs. Parents Everywhere

Have you heard? Abercrombie & Fitch is marketing a new bikini. It's a skimpy little number that is red and white striped, and has a push-up, padded bikini top. The problem? This particular bikini is being marketed to girls as young as seven years old. That's right. A push up bikini top for an eight-year-old.  
Will someone please explain to me, why on earth an eight-year-old would need a padded, push-up bikini top? Are kids feeling the pressure to have "bigger lady parts" at eight? Where is this coming from? And what's next-- a padded, booty-sculpting pair of matching bikini bottoms? This is insane!

Why all the rush for our little sweeties to grow up so fast? Can't we try to keep them little and innocent awhile longer? I am in no rush to see my own baby grow into a woman yet. No way, Jose. She can stay this little as long as possible and I would be completely content.
I can not imagine the thought of a push up, padded bikini top when I was that young. My Dad would have went through the roof! Even the idea of a bikini at seven was absurd! I don't think I was allowed to wear a two-piece until I was 14, and even then, I didn't belong in one.
If you notice, kids interest in TV has dramatically changed, too. "Kids these days" (I can hear my Grandpa saying it now!) are engrossed in High School Musical, instead of shows like Mr. Rogers orSesame Street-- all by the age of two. Yep, by age two, Sesame Street and all things Wiggles are sooo old school to these tiny little people. Cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Smurfs (shows I watched until the age of six... well, 16 if you really must know) aren't even on TV anymore (perhaps they are... I'm just too lazy to look for them). Even if these shows were on, I can guarantee you, she probably wouldn't be interested.  
Take my niece for instance: She is six and is the sweetest little girl this side of the Mississippi. For the last few years she has been obsessed with Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus's alter ego, for those of you who don't know.) When I was in town for her birthday last month, I asked her how Hannah was. "I'm over her, Aunt Kristi. I like iCarly now." What? Since when???
Actually, perhaps I should be thankful that she's moved onto iCarly-- especially considering Miley's recent "stripper-pole-dancing-bong-smoking" behavior. I don't need that rubbing off on my sweet niece.
It's crazy how fast they move though their phases, though.  It's like you blink-- and boom!-- onto the next thing. I don't know how I am going to keep up with Ava. Just as she learns how to successfully feed herself, she will be mastering the art of texting with my iPhone while also demanding to have the latest and greatest iPod-esque gadget-- all by the age of three. Ay ay ay!
If I had my choice, I would love to preserve Ava in the stage she is at now (minus the fits and temper tantrums that come along with an 18-month-old.) I don't want to see her in a padded bra for at least 16 1/2 more years.  When she's 18 she can wear what she wants-- well, within reason. Until then, no hooker shoes, tight clothing or padded anything of any kind.

(FYI this is not the bikini they are selling in this pic) 
You know who I sound like? My mother. While I didn't understand her reasons for things while growing up, I certainly get it now.
What do you think of a padded bikini top for children? Tell us in the comments.

By Kristi Gilbert 

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