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[Video] Rihanna Hits Up Chelsea Lately

You know I love some Chelsea Lately!

Fri, Mar 11 2011 via Necole Bitchie

In between her tour stops down under, Rihanna paid a visit to “ The Chelsea Lately Show,” which happens to be filming in Australia this week. She had a serious case of the giggles as she talked about her birthday party and her current tour. They also discussed the lack of blacks in Australia, what it was like to work with Eminem and her nude Nivea Campaign.
On Loving Australia
I’ve been to Australia a few times before but for some reason this time, I’m actually starting to notice the real beauty in the city. I guess I’m staying in better hotels this year but my view is just insane. Every city I go to I’m just like “Oh My God, Australia is just so beautiful. I’m really love it….I’m enjoying my time here. Not to mention the shows are going really, really well.
On not seeing many black people
I can’t even front because every time I’m on stage and I see someone black….actually, you notice it. It’s like such a thing to notice because It’s really weird to see black people here. I know it has to do with the history of this country but it really is extraordinary when you see one. There usually, really, really, really dark, which is beautiful but you only see that here.
On Being Nude for Her Nivea Campaign
Pretty much nude but it’s all about skin, if it’s a skin product, how can I wear a long sleeve dress? You can’t even show what the product does if you don’t show your skin.
Watch the two girls chop it up

“I got there early because I’m white. ” – Chelsea

Rihanna’s personality was very becoming in this interview. It made me realize I’ve never seen her in a sit down late night setting. It was cute!

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