Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Power

"A change of feeling is a change of destiny!" -Neville Goodard 

I love this quote I just read in "The Power" by the author of "The Secret." I have almost finished this entire book on my connecting flight from Memphis back to Dallas. Here is an excerpt from page 106:

Your Life-Your Story

"You are creating the story of your life, so what story are you telling about yourself? Do you believe there are things you can & can not do? Is that the story you are telling about yourself? Because that story isn't true! 

Don't listen if someone says you are less than anyone else. Don't listen if someone says you are limited in any way. Don't listen if someone says you can't do what you love to do and earn a living from it. Don't listen if someone says you are not as valuable ANC worthy as the greatest human beings who've lived. Don't listen if someone says you aren't good enough now and you have to prove yourself in life. Don't listen if someone says you can't have what you love or do what you love or be what you love. If you believe it, you put limits on yourself, but more importantly, it is not true! There is not a single thing that is too good for you, or to good to be true.....

...The real story is that you are an unlimited being. The real story is that the world and the universe are unlimited. There are worlds of impossibilities that you can not see, but all of them exist. You have to start telling a different story. You have to start telling the story of your amazing life, because whatever story you tell, good or bad, the law of attraction must make sure you receive it, and it will be the story of your life."

This is a really great book if anyone wants a good read. I feel very motivated and excited about all of the things I just read. I think it would be so fun to start a book club and start reading a great book like this with a couple people and then meet up to talk about what we read over lunch.... Who wants in on this with me? 


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