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7 Reuse Ideas for Old Jeans

I'm trying to be more "Green" these days and not only in the sense of making more money. I've been recycling paper and taking it to my daughter's old elementary school so they can earn different things for the school. Being that I'm so obsessed with fashion you can only image the amount of fashion magazines I read and fashion newspapers that come to my house on a daily basis. I really began to feel bad about just adding to the landfills with all this paper. I came across this great post about upcycling your old jeans that aren't in any shape to donate. 

Hope you enjoy and try to also live a greener life! 

7 Reuse Ideas for Old Jeans  by Alexis Petru

Your old jeans can be cut into strips, sewn, and transformed into kitschy coasters. Photo:

1. Coasters

You won’t need any sewing experience – just scissors and fabric glue – to make these unique coasters out of jean hems and the seams that run of the length of each pant leg. Just follow these simple instructions fromPolka Dot Pineapple blogger Arlette: After cutting out the hems and seams, apply fabric glue to a small section of one side of the denim; then roll it up tightly. Continue gluing and rolling until you have created your perfectly-sized coaster; then lay the coaster on a flat surface for a few hours to dry.

2. Pocket magnets for the fridge

Need places to keep pens, notepads or coupons in the kitchen? suggests this cuteorganization solution: Simply cut out the back pocket from some old jeans, attach a magnet with a hot glue gun and stick the pocket on the fridge.

3. Dog toy

Make a sturdy toy for your four-legged best friend using an old pair of jeans, with this Instructables’ tutorial. Cut off the lower part of one of the pant legs and then cut one of its sides lengthwise. Fold the denim several times, make a loop and knot it, and your dog will have a new plaything to fetch and munch on.
Photo: Flickr/squirrelcottage

4. Jean skirt

Jean styles may change every few years – skinny, flares or bell bottoms – but a classic denim skirt will always be in fashion. And if you have basic sewing skills, you can easily make your own jean skirt out of that unwanted pair of jeans you have in the closet.
Follow’s step-by-step directions to create a flared, A-line denim skirt, or, if you prefer a more streamlined pencil skirt, use Threadbanger’s guide on

5. Kitchen organizers

If you want to cut down on using paper towels around the house, you’ll need a place to store your reusable towels and rags. Hack off the legs on a pair of jeans, cut them in half and then sew the bottoms. Fill these “sleeves” with rags and hang them in the kitchen, so you’ll be ready for that next cleanup job.Photo: (available for purchase)

6. Purses and bags

You can make a wide variety of purses and bags out of old jeans, depending on your sewing abilities and spare time.
Use these instructions from to make a simple “bootie bag” purse: Cut off the pant legs, and turn the denim inside out. You can either sew the bottom together or use a hot glue gun to fasten the pieces together – if you’re not savvy with a needle and thread or you want an easy project to work on with your kids. Then you’ll use the pant’s seams to make handles, which you can also either sew or glue to attach to the bag. offers another no-sew denim upcycling project that creates the perfect purse for a young girl. Simply cut out the back pocket from a pair of jeans, and use a hot glue gun to attach a string of beads to serve as the handle. Embellish the pocket purse with leftovers from other craft projects like lace, ribbon and fabric flowers.
Or, if you’re ready to take on a more complex sewing project, follow’s guide to making a chic evening bag or Threadbanger’s tutorial on creating a one-of-a-kind purse with braided denim handles.
Photo: Little Miss Fancy Pants (available for purchase)

7. Coffee cup cozy

Can’t remember to bring your own mug to the coffee shop? Then at least you can take your own cup cozy, so you can reduce your waste while you keep your hands cool.
Make your own denim coffee cup cozy following these instructions from ThriftyFun: You’ll cut out a piece of denim, using your last paper cup cozy as a template, and find some leftover fabric to use as a liner. Sew the two materials together, and then add a button and elastic hair band to securely close the cozy around the cup.

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