Friday, October 21, 2011

Versace for H&M

Versace for H&M will arrive in stores on November 19

Versace for H&M – Ad Campaign + Lookbook Preview #2

There are tons of designer collaborations flooding the marketplace lately, but the upcoming Versace for H&M collection, launching November 19, really piqued my interest. Designer Donatella Versace is known for her flamboyant styles, silhouette, and color palette, so bringing this aesthetic to a mass market retailer may be lost in translation. Women and men went crazy for the recent diffusion Missoni for Target line, another color and pattern explosion, but the price point on those items were quite low. 
The Versace for H&M line starts at $17.95 for boxer briefs and goes up to $299 for a studded leather dress and unlike the Missoni gear it’s only available in stores. (Prices for individual items are not yet available -- c’mon H&M, hurry up with the stateside e-commerce!) With these price tags we imagine the real consumers here will be fans of the Versace brand who aren’t opposed to kaleidoscope and palm tree prints, but if you’re willing to shell out there are some wearable dresses, skirts, and even classy suits for men. There are also a number of accessories like shoes, jewelry, belts, and scarves, and even a few home goods thrown in the mix. 
I will be standing in line for this for sure. I'm sure the Dallas H&M is going to be bananas just like the opening weekend for the store. I'm really excited about some of these pieces. 
Versace for H&M – Ad Campaign + Lookbook Preview #2
This black dress is to die for!!!
Versace for H&M – Ad Campaign + Lookbook Preview #2
Versace for H&M – Ad Campaign + Lookbook Preview #2

What are your thoughts on this collaboration?




  1. I reeeeeally don't like! I'm not speaking about the collaboration itself, but more about the ugly clothes that came out of it!

    I expressed my opinion about this on my blog


  2. WhaAaaat!!! I'm there!!!!!


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