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Kim Kardashian’s Upcoming Wedding Compared To ‘The Royal Wedding’

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If you think Khloe Kardashian and Lala had a huge media spectacle of a wedding, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until Kim Kardashian shimmies down the aisle.
Kim’s wedding will take place in 8 days (on August 20th) and already her close ones are comparing it to the Royal Wedding. In a recent interview with The Insider, Lala told host Kevin Frazier:
Hers is like the Royal Wedding. Mine was really big and over the top and cool but this is next level
Kim’s sister Khloe has also compared it to the extravagant wedding of The Royals
“And I joke and say it will be like the Royal Wedding because she is just like that.”
When they compare it to The Royal Wedding, they aren’t kidding. Kim’s over the top affair has an estimated price tag of $20 million dollars (according to reports), which is a third of William and Kate’s wedding.  The black tie affair will take place in Montecito, California, near Oprah’s estate and will be broadcast as a 2-part special called “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event.”
Invited guests to the wedding could rival an award show with names like Jay-z and Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Ryan Seacrest, Eva Longoria, Kelly Osbourne, Snooki, Jennifer Lopez and Kanye West receiving an invite.  1,000 people will be there to watch the wedding with millions more tuning in to watch it on E! when it airs on October 9 & 10.
“Everyone, including guests J.Lo and Ryan Seacrest, will park their cars and take fancy shuttle busses up to the venue. They will have to go through metal detectors and will have to hand over their cell phones and any other recording devices. There will be more security devoted to making sure the footage and images from this wedding [are] safe [than] security making sure Kim and her guests are safe.”
Don’t think the Kardashian family is picking up the entire bill. Kris Jenner has been hard at work securing sponsors for the big day.  It is rumored that Kim’s 20.5 carat, $2 million dollar ring was not only given to her by Lorraine Schwartz but she was paid a hefty fee by the company in exchange for the press they would receive once she announced her engagement. PEOPLE magazine is also paying $1 million for exclusive wedding access, in addition to the $300,000 they already paid for her engagement party photos.
Mama Jenner has been taking care of business of her own in an attempt to look good for her daughter’s wedding. While Kim was running around putting the finishing touches on her fairytale wedding, which will include a Vera Wang wedding gown, Kris found time to get a facelift, just in time for the big day.
With all the hoopla surrounding the rushed wedding, you have to wonder if just as much time will be spent on making sure the marriage works.  Lala tells The Insider:
It’s amazing when you see a friend of yours so happy, (she’s one of my best friends) and Kris Humphries is such a great guy. Him and Melo have went way back as well playing basketball as teenagers. So it’s cool to have like that whole connection and just seeing her in love and happy as her friend, that’s all you want for your friend.
A spin off similar to ‘Khloe & Lamar’ is a no-brainer.  Expect that announcement soon.
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