Monday, May 16, 2011

Hoopz Explains How She Helped Upgrade Shaq

Oh how I love the re-branding of Hoopz aka Nicole Alexander who first gained recognition for winning Flava Flav’s heart on the reality show Flavor of Love. She has now become a real life Basketball wife (almost) and can be found courtside at the Celtics games cheering on Shaq in between takes of filming a new reality show. She recently sat down with Boston station NECN and discussed how she helped rescue Shaq from the worst- dressed lists by upgrading his fashion sense. She tells the station, “He’s a big guy but he has a great body. He’s super sexy and I’m like you need to show that.”

Shaq and Hoopz 4

She is now styling Shaq for different appearances and events and has received phone calls from other athletes after she created an eye catching hooded blazer for his appearance on Dave Letterman.

Shaq on Dave Letterman

Everyone went crazy. There were all types of requests like, “Who did that?” It was really cool, I was like “Oh, they’re asking!”
Hoopz has turned her ability to upgrade Shaq into a merchandising opportunity and is now in the process of creating an accessible, affordable and stylish Big and Tall Men’s line. She’s also launching a fitness brand which will include intense work out videos and dvds that incorporate self-defense techniques.
Through the years that I’ve been in the business and out in the public, I have had several women come up to me and say “How do you stay in shape like that?” [...] I’m going to start putting clips up for people to see what I’m doing to stay active and fit on my website, on Facebook and Twitter, then I’ll probably go into DVDs.
Watch Hoopz talk about how she upgraded Shaq below:

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