Saturday, January 15, 2011

North Texans Will Soon Be Skiing…in Grapevine?

I am so excited about this. I will finally be able to actually practice snow boarding now close to home so next time I go to Vail, or Park Cities, or anywhere else in the world that I may decide to board at.... I will have a lot more practice before I go.
man skiing

The World Villages of Grapevine (Texas) will soon begin construction 
on a $70 million indoor ski slope called Texas Alps, between State 
Highways 121 and 2499, adjacent to the Grapevine Mills Mall.

The slope, 175 feet tall, 600 feet long and 328 feet wide, will feature 
extreme skiing, snowboarding, tubing, skiing for beginners and snow 
play. It will also feature a indoor ice wall for climbing, luge track as 
well as two outdoor mountain climbing courses on artificial mountains 
standing as much as 100 feet tall.

Texas Alps is being built by Snow Sport Entertainment which has 
successfully built three indoor courses in the U.K.. Construction on 
the project begins soon, with the target opening slated for July, 2011.

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