Thursday, December 23, 2010

50 Cent (((Almost))) Gets Robbed

50 Cent's ridiculous 52-room Connecticut mansion was broken into this morning -- according to law enforcement, two men were arrested ... one of whom cops found drinking wine inside a closet.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they received a call around 6AM from security guards at the mansion -- once owned by Mike Tyson -- about a suspicious car in the driveway. Cops showed up and discovered two men in the residence ... but the second was a little harder to find -- because Alexander Hernandez (red shirt) was hiding away in a closet, pounding a bottle of wine he allegedly pilfered from 50's place. According to cops, the two suspects entered through an unlocked door -- and were in possession of marijuana when police arrived to the home. Both men were arrested and held on $50,000 bond. 

The guys who were arrested inside 50 Cent's Connecticut mega-mansion weren't trying to steal anything -- they just wanted to get hammered in the lap of luxury ... at least that's what they're telling people. TMZ spoke with the sister of Alexander Hernandez -- the guy who was found drinking wine in Fiddy's closet when cops arrived yesterday -- who tells us Alexander is claiming he and the other suspect just wanted to "hang out" at 50's place because they're both huge fans. 

She adds ... Hernandez is claiming he never tried to steal anything from inside the house -- they only wanted the "thrill" of getting inside. As we previously reported, cops say both men were inside 50's pad
and in possession of weed -- when police responded to the home. Alexander's sister also tells us family members are concerned about her brother -- because he's still in police custody and could possibly miss his newborn baby's first Christmas.

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