Saturday, February 2, 2013

Toni Braxton Promotes New Film ‘Twist Of Faith’

Toni Braxton was out promoting her new film "Twist of Faith" in a black belted dress and pink peep toe pumps. She looked flawless to say the least and I am loving those pumps. 

She plays the role of Nina, a single mom and choir singer who falls in love with a songwriter names Jacob. Jacob though is an Orthodox Jew who moved from New York to Alabama after witnessing the murder of his wife and three children. Jacob is embraced by Nina and their gospel community and music brings them together as they try to make some sense of his past and their possible future. 

The premier of the movie will be on Lifetime, February 9th @ 9pm. 

Check Toni Braxton out below and also where to get a pair of these pumps!

(Images from here)

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