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The Harlem Shake Is The New Planking…

This is the funniest thing ever!

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Remember that one year (circa 2011) that planking became such a huge internet craze?  People would pick the strangest places to lie face down, with their arms to their side, and upload the photos to the internet for approval from their followers and friends.    Well now, there’s this new craze, called the “Harlem Shake” which has taken over YouTube, with over 4000 fan-made videos uploaded a day and over 175 million views since February 2. The videos feature regular folks as well as celebs like Ryan Seacrest, The Dallas Mavericks and more trying their hand at the dance.  The crazy thing about it is that no one’s really doing the Harlem Shake. Or at least the Harlem Shake we remember from Diddy and G Dep’s “Special Delivery” video back in the day. As a matter of fact, everyone looks more like they are on E if anything.

The actual song, “Harlem Shake” was released by 23-year-old Brooklyn producer Baauer last May, and the song never really made noise, however, earlier this month, a video blogger uploaded a video of himself dancing to the song on YouTube and it somehow became a phenom overnight.  How crazy is that?
Since Azealia Banks is from Harlem, it was only right that she tried her hand at a remix to the song (even if the original producer disapproved).

You can catch that and a few folks doing the new form of the “Harlem Shake” below:
Azealia Banks – Harlem Shake (Remix)

The original “Harlem Shake” video that started the internet dance craze

Ryan Seacrest – Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake ( Barack Obama Edition)

The Dallas Mavericks do the Harlem Shake

Jeff Gordon Harlem Shake

This is the best one.... my puppy Sasha's friends

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