Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow & Cameron Diaz Name Drops 50 Cent in A Freestyle

Gwyneth Paltrow has been hanging out with Jay-z and Beyonce way too long…

And it looks as though it’s paying off as she’s learned how to spit a few bars. This week, in celebration of Chelsea Handler’s move to a new studio, Gwyneth and her bestie Cameron Diaz sent in a funny video where they beat boxed while rapping about Chelsea’s personal life.
After being introduced as MC Gwyneth Paltrow and DJ Jazzy Cameron Diaz, the girls rapped lines like:
Yo Chelsea We heard that you got a brand new studio, but we know you got on TV by being a ho
You like black guys, white guys, whomevers around, your bedroom looks like a lost and found
We kinda like you ’cause you’re blonde like us, but we can’t hang with you in public ’cause you drink too much.
We hope this rap is enough, and by the way, 50 Cent says you like it rough
Earlier in the week, Gwyneth, Cameron and Beyonce were spotted out in New York as they celebrated Gwyneth’s 40th Birthday.

Check the girls spitting some rhymes below:

I had to repost this because I think it's hilarious and I love Chelsea Handler!
*reposted from Necole Bitchie

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