Thursday, July 19, 2012

From St. Tropez to Manhattan Beach

À la Plage

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I had to repost this because I love these photos! Would like to have these on canvas in my house one day!

From St. Tropez to Manhattan Beach, photographer Gray Malin has shot a series of stunning beach scenes from a doorless helicopter. Can you guess which beach is which simply based on the color of the water and umbrellas?
(top to bottom: Pampelonne Beach St. Tropez, Manhattan Beach California, Secret Beach St. Tropez, Caribbean Sea Central America, Nude Beach San Francisco, Pampelonne Beach St. Tropez, Coogee Beach Australia, Malibu California, Cascais Portugal, Miami Beach Florida, Pampelonne Beach St. Tropez, Caribbean Sea Central America, Malibu California, Costa de Caprica Portugal, Pampelonne Beach St. Tropez, Venice Beach California)

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