Sunday, July 29, 2012

DIY Utility Rope Necklace

I love this DIY by Honestly WTF so I have to share it with you. I def will try to make this one myself. Keep you posted with what I come up with.


Posted by  from the blog Honestly WTF
A couple summers ago, we stocked up on brass washers to make friendship necklaces. A year later, hex nuts became short in supply thanks to the hex nut bracelet. Today we’re all about compression sleeves, which are conventionally used in plumbing but also make for the perfect component for these statement necklaces. Striking, colorful, and fun, this tutorial won’t be able to keep you too far away from your local hardware store!

You’ll need:

Start by cutting the utility rope into 8 32 inch pieces. Gather them together and slide the compression sleeves on, one at a time.
Keeping the compression sleeves together keep the ropes evenly bound and make sliding them on easier. After 12-14 sleeves are on the ropes, spread them out accordingly.
Decide which sections to wrap and start at the center of the necklace. Run the end of the knotting cord upwards along one section and towards the edge of a brass sleeve. Then wrap around the ropes, working downwards in the opposite direction. This helps secures the cord.
Continue to wrap the entire section. Before reaching the end of the section, place a bead of glue along the starter cord and finish wrapping.
Allow to dry before trimming any excess cord. Continue wrapping different sections of the necklace.
When all the sections have been wrapped, trim end ends. Squeeze a generous amount of glue into the cap and insert the end of the necklace into it. It may require some rotating to get the end of the necklace into the cap. Repeat the step on the other end.
Using pliers, attach a larger jump ring to one end and a clasp to the other.
And that’s it, your necklace is finished!
Make a couple more and layer them on top of each other. 
(all images by HonestlyWTF)

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