Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY Studded Sneakers

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Studding sneakers has been on our DIY to-do list for awhile now. But the idea of hand piercing hundreds of holes through thick canvas was daunting enough to allow such procrastination. Enter E6000, the crème de la crème of adhesives. As you probably know by now, it’s our secret weapon for quickly and effectively attaching metal to fabric. So after the recent release of Vans‘ brushed twill pastel Authentics, we thought it was the perfect summer shoe to adorn. So grab some glue and let’s get studding! And don’t forget to enter our giveaway, after the jump, for a chance to win a pair of our favorite kicks . . .

You’ll need:

Start by squeezing a small amount of E6000 into a disposable container or onto a wooden popsicle stick. Dispensing a small amount at a time prevents the glue from drying too quickly. Using the tip of a toothpick, apply a small dollop of glue onto the back of a spike. (Click images to enlarge)
Press the spike into the sneaker, holding it in place for a few seconds.
Continue adding spikes along the shoe’s baseline and working upwards in horizontal lines.
Arrange the spikes, without glue, into awkward spaces before attaching them.
Glue spikes onto the heel cap, again working horizontally.
Allow the shoes to dry overnight before wearing them!
We loved these brushed twill pastel sneakers so much that Vans has offered to give away a pair, of any color choice, to two lucky readers. Simply leave a comment below, check out Vans on Twitter and Facebook, and a winner will be selected at random on Thursday, May 17th. (Sorry, limited to US residents only. Good luck! xxContest is now closed. Congratulations to Enna S. and Carol J.!)
(Vans Authentic California Brushed Twill Sneakers $65; all images by HonestlyWTF)


  1. I'm so obsessed with spikes and these look awesome. I think I'm going to have to try these with an old pair of VANs I have hidden away.

    Does this glue also attach to leather?

  2. I am pretty sure it will glue to leather as well. google the glue name for specifics! email a photo of your shoes when you finish and i will post them on this blog page.


  3. Do you know the size of the studs? Thank you! (:

  4. Check this link for the studs


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