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DIY Chain Trimmed iPad Sleeve

I love this post from one of my favorite blogs that I actually follow. HonestlyWTF. I am going to try this myself as well. If any of you do please send me an email ( with the pics of your final project and I'll post them here on the blog. Thanks. 

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Given that my iPad is one of few things I can’t function without, it was about time I gave it the royal treatment. Inspired by Stella McCartney‘s iconic Falabella bag, I whipped up a chain trimmed leather sleeve perfect for my favorite gadget! This tutorial is a great way to  learn a super simple hand stitching technique which can also then be applied to other leather wares. Have I piqued your interest yet?

You’ll need:

Start by setting the rotary punch to the smallest hole setting. Create a hole in the upper right corner, making sure to punch just outside the seam but without cutting into the outer edge of the leather sleeve. (Click images to enlarge)
Each chain link is approximately 5 millimeters apart, therefore the holes should be spread apart with the same distance. Continue punching holes around the perimeter of the sleeve.
Thread the needle with the waxed linen cord and tie a double knot at the end. Pull the thread through the first hole and pass the needle through the same hole again, making the first stitch.
Pull the needle through the bottom of the first chain link and push it through the top of the second hole. Pull tightly.
Continue pulling the thread through bottom of the next chain link and pushing through the top of the subsequent hole.
Stitch the corner link through the same bottom hole twice.
Tie a double knot to finish the entire stitch. Trim the ends of the knots with scissors and cut away any excess chain with a wire or bolt cutter.
Now go back with fingers or a pair of tweezers to pull out any original broken stitches.
Your Stella McCartney inspired iPad sleeve is finished!

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