Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bitchie Chicks Have Arrived!

I follow Necole Bitchie online everyday because I love her site. This new website is super fun. I created my avatar and added my logo myself. Love the idea! Keep up the amazing work Necole. 

Hey Ladies! Remember back in the day when we use to have fun playing dress up with our paper dolls and Barbies and all of that good stuff. Well now, we have a site just for you that’s just as much fun. is a place where you can create your own Bitchie Chick from a desktop computer.  It’s fast and easy. Just log on, choose a pose, hair style and accessories, then press save and you have your very own Chick! You can save it as a headshot and use it as your avatar in the comments section or you can share it amongst your friends on social networks like facebook and twitter. Whatever you do, just have fun with it!

Also, membership is now open. [Register Here] Starting tomorrow, we will be hosting cool contests every single week for site members where you can win  clothes, bags and jewelry that have been spotted on some of your favorite celebs as well as tons of beauty products, concert ticketsbackstage passes and more.

The Born Bitchie Store featuring some of the shirts that the Bitchie Chicks are wearing will be available soon as well as mobile apps. Have fun!

Follow us on twitter @Bitchiechicks

Here's the one I created... of course I added glasses!

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