Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Amber Rose Responds to Natalie Nunn

Amber Rose, who’s normally not so shy when it comes to putting her body on display, was spotted shopping in West Hollywood over the weekend while all covered up in a yellow jumpsuit. She also took time out of her retail therapy this weekend to hop on ustream and semi-respond to Natalie Nunn who has resorted to bullying her ever since she found out that Amber was dating her “sloppy seconds”, Wiz Khalifa.
In a surprise twist, Amber took the high road and told her ustream fans:
“I know you guys know that there was a girl being very mean to me and she was saying a lot of very mean, harmful things to me. I just want to say that she’s beautiful and I wish her luck on everything that she’s doing and I pray for her. I pray for all of my enemies and people that try to break me down. I wish her the best of luck. So, I know a lot of people are hitting me and wanting me to comment on it and that’s what I will say.
Amber Rose Shopping

It was definitely a smart move for her Amber Rose to take the “high road”. Natalie has already made a career out of being the “bad Girl”. She gets paid to act a fool and that has become a part of her brand. Meanwhile, Amber Rose is still trying to get on. The last thing she would want is to lose out on a deal with potential sponsors and deal makers over a petty beef. It’s just not worth it..

Check out the video below:

*via NecoleBitchie

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