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Pippa Middleton Wears White

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Maid of honor Pippa Middleton wore white to the ceremonyPascal Le Segretain/Getty ImagesEtiquette experts consider it bad form for anyone but the bride to wear white on the wedding day. Not the Middletons. Kate's sister Pippa wore a white maid of honor dress on the world's biggest stage.
Like Kate's wedding dress, Pippa's gown was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. The gown featured short sleeves, a low-cut neckline, and was form-fitting. Immediately following Pippa's appearance at Westminster Abbey, web searches soared.

A blog from the "Today" show explains that a white dress for non-brides isn't as rare as it used to be. Bridal designer Reem Acra told "I like the idea that (Kate's) sister is wearing white... It makes the whole thing more thematic and looks clean and modern."

Tom Mora, J.Crew's vice-president for bridal wear, told that "there is something quite beautiful about it... there's a purity about her sister wearing white."

Pippa's dress had the same button detail and lace trim as Kate's wedding gown, according to PopSugar. In addition to looking beautiful, Pippa also did an excellent job with the young bridesmaids and took good care of her sister's train.

Below, some other buzzy moments to remember...

Kate remembers William's name
The curse is broken! Kate remembered William's full name! It might sound like a small victory, but it's far from it. William's full name is quite a mouthful. For the record, he is William Arthur Philip Louis. Imagine trying to remember that with two billion people watching.

The bride also wore white.Chris Jackson/Getty ImagesIn royal weddings past, Princess Diana and Princess Sarah Ferguson messed up when asked to recite their groom's full name. According to Dickie Arbiter, former press secretary to the queen, Diana mixed up the order of Charles's names. Diana had a pretty good excuse: Charles's full name is Charles Philip Arthur George. Same deal with Fergie; she accidentally repeated Prince Andrew's middle name.

Not so with Kate. She nailed William's full name. A good omen if ever there was one.

Kate Middleton's delicate figure
Kate Middleton caught the experts' eyes for her dress as well as her slender physique. Barbara Walters began buzzing after she saw Middleton exit. "She's very slim. Look at that waist!"

James Middleton: expert reader
Kate Middleton's brother, James, gave a reading at the royal wedding, and though he would have had every excuse to be nervous or fumble over a phrase, the 24-year-old nailed the passages from Romans 12:1,2, 9-18. Pausing at the right times, never mispronouncing a word, and never losing his place, James was perfect with his high-profile task.

Michael Middleton's butter fingers
The father of the bride did a wonderful job of walking with his beautiful daughter down the aisle and standing at attention at the front of the church. He did make one small mistake, though. Right when he arrived at Westminster Abbey, he dropped his hat. Oops. It was all aces from there. No harm, no foul.

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