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How to Prepare for Bikini Season

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Each spring, millions of women are struck with one harrowing thought. From the first warm day, their hearts and minds become preoccupied. They take deep breaths and mentally begin planning their strategy. It is time to prepare for bikini season.


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      Get a head start on bikini season by starting your preparations in the winter. Since it can take at least 4 to 6 weeks to see any sort of results from a diet and exercise plan, this gives you plenty of time to get ready for that bikini.
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      Buy your swimsuits early before all the good ones are gone. This gives you the best chance of finding suits that fit well, are fashionable and are designed to flatter your particular body type.
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      Start your toning program by daily targeting such problem areas as "saggy arms." Use small hand-held weights of about 3 lbs. to exercise your muscles. Do 25 repetitions of bicep curls, followed by 25 repetitions of tricep curls. Rest for 15 seconds before repeating twice.
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      Firm your backside by lying on your stomach with your legs stretched out and your elbows bent, with hands placed under your chin. Press your hips into the floor while lifting your head and shoulders. Lift your straightened legs as far up as possible, and then lower them back to the floor in a controlled manner. Repeat 30 times twice daily to obtain good overall tone.
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      Give your tummy a workout with standard crunches and air bicycling. Have a partner hold your feet to the floor as you raise yourself up in a crunch. Don't put pressure on your neck, and remember that small, controlled motions do more than quick "up and down" movements. Do as many as you can. When bicycling, keep your back straight and relaxed and your legs going for at least 30 seconds.
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      Diet sensibly by following a plan that includes a variety of every food group and does not drop below 1,500 calories per day. Even 1,500 calories a day is on the low side for the average person. Remember that losing more than 2 lbs. per week can be detrimental to your health and the weight you lose in a "crash" tends to return quickly.
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      Prepare for bikini season by getting a tan a few weeks early. Visit a local spa that features a good spray-on tan that looks great and protects your skin from ultraviolet rays. Keep your "fake" tan up with routine visits, and enjoy your bronze skin when everyone else is still winter pale.


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