Sunday, May 1, 2011

101 Things I Learned in Fashion School

The book I am reading now was written by Alfredo Cabrera with Matthew Frederick and here's what I took from it below.

Lesson 1: Fashion was born in the 12th Century
"There are two ways to clothe the human form. In draping, simple pieces of cloth are wrapped around the body, with the excess falling in natural folds. This was the earliest method of making clothing from textiles. However, while draped clothing was traditionally ephemeral - it lost its shape when not in contact with the body - draped clothing today usually has a tailored understructure."

This is the type of design I usually do for long dresses. Here's something I draped below and it turned out beautiful. My favorite part was adding the lace razorback to it. I thought it gave it an unexpected aspect when she turned around. 

"Tailoring dates to the Early European Renaissance of the 12th century, when a celebration of the natural world in science, philosophy, and art brought about a focus on the human form. The draped robe was divided into multiple pieces to more closely fit the body. These pieces evolved into patterns that were used to create multiple garments. The advent of tailoring was thus the birth of fashion."

Here is an example of something I made using patterns.

This is actually 2 pieces, a houndstooth top and a bubble skirt with a high pink satin waist. I thought this was really a playful outfit and kind of flirty. I had to construct the patterns from scratch on this entire outfit and the bubble skirt was very difficult to get the pattern exactly right. I love how it turned out though. 

Leave some feedback.. what do you think about Lesson 1 and/or my designs. You can buy either of these outfits on my Etsy site just click here.



  1. These outfits are Beautiful! My Favorite is the houndstooth number! I will definitely be checking out your etsy shop.

  2. awesome dress!

  3. I love this dress, super cute!



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