Thursday, March 17, 2011

[Video] Eric Williams Dishes On Basketball Wives With The Breakfast Club

Baller and soon-to-be ex-husband of Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams sat down for an interview with Power 105.1′s Breakfast Club (Angela Yee, Charlemagne the God, DJ Envy) in New York and discussed what’s really going on with him and Jennifer, his thoughts on the Basketball Wives series, as well as being banned from the Reunion Show.
Check out the highlights and video below:
On Evelyn telling Jennifer to cheat
Oh yeah, that’s wack. Maybe that’s TV or whatever but that’s suppose to be your friend, the person you confide in, that was suppose to be the individual that was suppose to know what it felt like to be in that situation. This is what she said but this individual don’t know. She’s not married, never been married; the closest she’s ever been was being in engaged to my friend. That’s the whole thing about that and letting it being played on TV and let them exploit you like that, that’s my thing.
I was more [concerned] about how they were going to respect her after the show, it wasn’t about the show. I came across kind of like the bad guy because I’m showing passion and it’s real. The stuff we’re going through is real sh*t, it’s not no Brady Brunch sh*t or some other reality show crying all that bullsh*t. No, this some real sh*t.
On not wanting to get a divorce
I didn’t want to get a divorce. I’m the one that’s trying to make sh*t happen. It’s been a year and a half and I’ve been trying to but nobody knows that part.
On if he thinks he would not cheat if they were to get back together
I’m good. I was young, successful, black, let him [Charlemagne] call it ugly, I had to learn through my own experience. She was there along for the ride.
On being banned from the ReunionYou know why they banned me? All I know was…I was putting on my socks and the next thing you know they were like “You will not be allowed in the building.”
On His statement on twitter about Natural Order and Women thinking they are Equal
A lot of women got all out of place because I said that. I said, natural order, I ain’t talking about “we under equal or everything that’s exterior” I’m talking about natural order. Man protects, woman nurtures, let’s keep that order. See, once you get out of bounds then stuff gets all messed up. That’s the only thing I was implying, nothing about jobs and equality, and all the men stuff and women stuff. I said natural order…. take everything away; take everybody and put us in the jungle butt naked….what’s the natural order of things? I’m going to have to lift the f**kin wood up and you’re going to have to nurture certain things at night.
On if he is still going to split 50/50 with Jennifer
Stands. One hundred grand. I know how to make money…she deserves it. She’s highly intelligent, I’m pretty sure she can go out there and command a salary based on her intelligence. Great family background. She can do’s never been about the dough with her, it was more less what I done to her. That’s the bottom line, however you want to sugar coat it, however you want to say she’s this, she’s that…I think she kind of held herself together outside of SPAIN.
A small part of me wishes they would work it out. He does sound genuine in his interviews.
Watch below

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