Monday, March 28, 2011

Going Overboard for Indoor Pools

By Diane Tuman,

What is one of real estate's rare luxuries? How about your own golf course?
Or maybe your own helipad? Or, better yet, your own indoor swimming pool.
Ah, now we're talking. Even the rich and famous would admit that having an
indoor pool is one of life's luxurious amenities. Here are 5 homes that feature
fabulous indoor swimming pools. Some have celebrity lineage, some are quite
ornate, while others are simply well-appointed spaces to swim some precious
laps. Take a look:
1. Greenwich, CT Home For Sale — $15,950,000
309 Taconic Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831
Notable: Not only does this 26,000-sq ft Mediterranean manor home have its
own private theater and elaborate wine-tasting room, but it also boasts an elegant
lap pool under a Tuscan-yellow arched ceiling.
This Greenwich, CT home was listed at $15.9 million
Photo: Zillow
2. Manhattan, NY Home for Sale - $10,995,000
232 W. 15th St, New York, NY 10011
Notable: Of all the unlikely places for an indoor pool, here it is - smack dab in
the center of the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. Not only does this townhome
have an 8-foot deep indoor pool with a swing, it also has a sauna, a hot tub and
a sun deck. And, according to the New York Times, a libidinous history, with plenty
of stories of wild and crazy times that the previous owner - a bachelor - lived up to.
This Manhattan home is selling for $10.9 million
Photo: Zillow
3. Hickory Creek, TX Home for Sale – $35,000,000
1851 Turbeville Rd, Hickory Creek, TX 75065
Notable: Champ d’Or (“Field of Gold”) is a little bit of France in the Golden Triangle
of North Central Texas. Resting on 256 acres and surrounded by gardens, private
lakes and trees, is a 48,000-sq ft estate styled after a 17th-century chateau near
Paris. It belongs to Alan Goldfield and his wife, Shirley. Goldfield is a billionaire
cellphone mogul who founded CellStar Corp., a wholesaler for logistics, fulfillment,
and consumer activation of cellular phones.
This Hickory Creek, TX home was listed at $35 million
Photo: Zillow
4. Yountville, CA Home for Sale - $19.9 million
5681 Silverado Trail, Yountville, CA 94599
Notable: Welcome to the heart of Napa and the former estate of California wine
giant Robert Mondavi, who hired renowned architect Cliff May to design it,
incorporating his signature indoor-outdoor California style. Surrounding the home
are views of thousands of acres of vineyards. The living room includes a 50-foot
indoor swimming pool and spa with retractable skylights.
This Yountville, CA home is selling for $19.9 million
Photo: Zillow
5. Brookline, MA Home for Sale - $15,750,000
333 Lee St, Brookline, MA 02445
Notable: Large-scale color murals and rich, wood-trim detailing around arched
ceilings creates a warm, inviting space for this indoor pool pavilion that is accessible
via an underground passageway. This classic Brookline estate was built in 1929,
and has 9 beds, 9 baths, a four-car garage and a one-bedroom guest apartment.
This Brookline, MA home is selling for $15.7 million
Photo: Zillow

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