Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Did You Watch the BB Wives Reunion??? I did!!!

The Best Moments From The Basketball Wives Reunion Show

It’s not much I can say about the Basketball Wives Reunion Show that aired in two parts on Sunday and Monday. Of course I was entertained (as most of us were) but a part of me was embarrassed, like “Are we really on television acting like this?”. Grown women in their 30′s, fussing over who wears the better clothes, who gets their hair done, who gets the most man meat and who has the best bedroom tricks. (Sidenote: I learned last night that if you can’t make your leg touch your ear, you ain’t sh** in the bedroom.) Case in point, watch this clip below:

The show, however, did have it’s moments. Suzie…

Get her out of here. I’m glad she’s not coming back.

Gloria came out on stage and slayed everybody in a custom dress she had made by designer Daisy Gonzalez. Some people felt as though she was very cocky as far as her relationship but I think she comes across as defensive more than anything.

Jennifer and Royce got into a huge argument because Royce accused her of leaking her own nude photos and read an email from a friend of Jennifer’s in an attempt to confirm it.

Royce also says that she doesn’t think Evelyn and Chad are the real deal. It’s a publicity stunt. The only times she sees them together are at appearances and “on the blogs”. They also began arguing over who calls TMZ the most.

And of course the funniest moment of the Reunion was on Part 1, when Tami told Evelyn she slept with Chad. Evelyn’s reaction followed by Royce’s Bankhead Bounce was sort of classic
In other news, Evelyn believes she’s brought enough f**kery and drama to the show to demand a raise. It is being reported that she is demanding $20,000 an episode, which is a major increase from the $7,500 an episode she’s getting now. Meanwhile, Radio host Charlamagne tha God thinks they are “selling their soul for pennies” and “it’s just not worth it”.


  1. I watched both parts of the reunion! It was definitely more entertaining than last seasons.I love Tami and Royce. Evelyn I could do without, she has such a sucky attitude in my opinion. I doubt they will offer her the $20,000 an episode she is demanding!

  2. Yah I doubt it too. She needs to take some of that money and get her hair fixed for real! Her hair looked like it hadn't been washed in 2 weeks.


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