Thursday, February 10, 2011


If you’ve been keeping up with season two of the VH1 hit reality series Basketball Wives, then you’re no stranger to the animosity that’s been transpiring between broadcast journalist hopeful Suzie Ketcham and, well, almost everybody else.
After Suzie’s mean girl acting, drink-throwing, and water-tossing during Season 1 and the Reunion Special, she caught a lot of internet shade from viewers, fans, and haters worldwide who were none-to-pleased with her behavior. Though she seems to have learned from her mistakes and has taken a more kind and softer approach during Season 2, a source revealed to TMZ that she can’t handle the pressure of being in the spotlight. The source also claims that Suzie won’t be returning to Basketball Wives next season because she “couldn’t take the heat.” The randoms trash-talking her every Sunday on twitter didn’t help either.
Well you know what they say, “If you can’t take the heat….”

Log off twitter!

I can imagine that dealing with the Mean Girls of Miami every week can be draining. Perhaps, an actual Basketball wife will take her place.


*I couldn't agree more.... they should rename the show Ex-Girlfriends, Ex-Fiances, Ex-Baby's Mamma's, and Ex-Basketball Wives... that would at least make more sense... or they could just call it NBA Relationship Drama and Cheating Players and Girlfriends. Call it what it really is at least but guess that isn't quite as catchy. These girls on this show are not all innocent either. From Royce being Dwight Howard's baby mamma and where is their child the whole time the show is being taped. You can't even tell from show that she has a child. Who get's your kid off to school or daycare in the morning and who cooks your child dinner every night or tucks them in bed? Very strange to me to watch that and have these questions and being a mom myself may make my perceptive just a little bit different. I also have some inside info that Evelyn was not the innocent party in her break up with Antoine Walker. She was also cheating on him with numerous men in NYC so it's wonder that wedding didn't go through. She still has this to say ((in her defense)) below in an interview with Necole Bitchie"

"Necole Bitchie: So basically in a nutshell, if you date someone famous or like an athlete, are you suppose to have an open relationship; “you do you, just don’t let me find out about it”. I’m just trying to figure out the mind frame behind this..
Evelyn: I think that’s the easiest way. I fought it the whole 10 years. I knew and I think for me, I went from this little girl not really having a lot growing up to having too much. That can f*ck you up. I’m driving around in Bentleys and I’m wearing Gucci minks thinking life is great and I’m 25 with this guy living this amazing lifestyle but at the same time, being that I did stop working and I revolved my whole life around him, it’s like you lose yourself. It’s one of the hardest things to get back. He has total control of your life. Like if Antoine wanted to say “I’m cutting your credit card off next week” because we had an argument” he can do it and what am I going to do about it? So I do think if you can have that understanding and have an open relationship than that’s probably the best way because chances are he’s going to do it anyway

Necole Bitchie: Evelyn, What made you leave your relationship with Antoine after 10 years?

Evelyn: Let me just clear something up because people are like “oh my God she left when the money ran out”, No! Mine and Antoine’s relationship was done from like two years ago but no one wants to pull that trigger. It’s dysfunctional, we are sleeping in two different rooms in the house. I had already moved out once. I had Jennifer carrying plasma tvs out of my house but it’s like a thing where I have a teenage daughter. It’s uncomfortable and she knows that mom and Antoine aren’t just fighting over the toilet seat being up. She knows what’s going on so I knew I had to get myself out of the situation and I had to get my daughter out of it. We are all walking on egg shells and I’m like “I can’t live like this”. It was a very dysfunctional situation towards the end and I did it more so for her."

*Oh well now Evelyn Lozada and Cincinnati Bengals star Chad Ochocinco are engaged! After only four months of dating, Chad popped the question in Cincinnati with a 10-carat engagement ring! 

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