Monday, February 7, 2011

Kim K Getting Engaged??

Despite only dating for a few months, Kris is already ring shopping for Kim!

Kim Kardashian has been apartment shopping in NYC to be closer to boyfriend Kris Humphries. But does she know that Kris is about to put a ring on it? Sources close to NBA star Kris, 25, told the New York Post he has been ring shopping for Kim, 30, which is pretty shocking since they’ve only dated since November.
Although reps for both Kim and Kris haven’t commented, Kim certainly seemed like she wasn’t rushing into anything when she appeared on the Jan. 20 episode of The Wendy Williams Show.
“He’s a really good guy, and I think that for once I’ve really taken my time with [the relationship],” Kim said. “I’ve known him for months and have definitely tried to keep it low-key.”
Check out the pics below:

Pics of Kourtney and Kim while on their double date in NYC


(( I love both outfits ))

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