Friday, January 7, 2011

Rhianna's Leather "Chap" Jeans

Rihanna was spotted arriving at Fred Segal in Hollywood yesterday evening wearing a pair of R13 Denim Leather Chaps Jeans. The blue denim jeans feature five pockets and leather legs. I love the jeans, but I would prefer them in a darker denim. 

Would you rock these?  (((Damage=$620)))

Good luck though, because unless you are a size 29 these are SOLD OUT already. One day after Rhianna is spotted in them. WOW the power of having a celebrity in your clothing. 

– Thanks Necole 

My aunt makes amazing custom chaps for horse shows if anyone is interested you can check her out in Ft. Worth at the horse shows and on her website here.

MW Chaps

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