Friday, January 14, 2011

The New Zodiac Signs: Three stars who should welcome a realignment

The New Zodiac Signs: Three stars who should welcome a realignment

By Liz Kelly

Mel Gibson: Does a new sign = a new man?

What's the deal with the new zodiac signs? Should you change your sign or not? It's all so dang confusing. But, since the matter is up for debate, we picked three celebs -- completely at random, of course -- for astrological makeovers. Since their current signs aren't working out so well, we argue, why not take advantage of this chance to adopt a new horoscope and the attendant qualities?
Lindsay Lohan
Born July 2, 1986, Lindsay has spent the past 24 years living her life as if there were no tomorrow. And that's not surprising considering she thought she was a cancer -- a mutable sign, cancers tend to be "unsophisticated" and "prone to move around in search of the right opportunity."
Based on the new zodiac Lohan is actually a Gemini and Geminis are blessed with the abiliity to "communicate effectively and think clearly." Just what one needs after spending the holidays in rehab. And, her new Gemini-ness will also be a boon to Lilo's business ventures since she now is "quite astute and opportunistic and [doesn't] miss a chance to make fast money."

Taylor Swift
You and Jake Gyllenhaal made so much sense back when you were a Sagittarius (she was born on Dec. 13, 1989). But now that you could potentially be a Scorpio or Ophiuchus (depending on who you ask), you can break free from the cycle of failed relationships and the compulsion to write about them. Or maybe not, since as a Scorpio you are apparently "quite shrewd and astute and even intensely revengeful in cases." Alternatively, you may want to opt for Ophiuchus which will set you up as "an interpreter of dreams, who attracts good luck and fruitful blessing" and "can rise to fame -- either grand, or completely misunderstood."

Mel Gibson
Born Jan. 3, 1956 one could almost say Gibson was born under a bad sign (sorry Capricorns) based on the run of bad luck he's had over the past few years -- what with his DUI arrest, public outing as a racist and anti-Semite and, in late 2010, as a guy who holds nothing back when it comes to threatening and berating his baby-mama on the phone. But imagine a new start for Mel as a Sagittarius. He could use his new-found "wide-open and curious" nature to examine himself. Though he will have to be careful of the Sagittarian's "uncivilized" personality which can lead to "fights and arguments." Actually, on second thought, maybe Mel should stick with Capricorn.

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