Monday, January 10, 2011

Jay Z and Beyonce Are "Music's Most Powerful" Couple

He is her best friend, someone who immediately and implicitly understands her life, not only as a star, but as a hard-working driven artist

Jay-z and Beyonce are named “Music’s Most Powerful Cover” on the Cover of next month’s Ebony Magazine. Inside, jounalist Dream Hampton, gives an intimate view into the lives of Hip Hop’s favorite couple.
Here’s an excerpt
For all their might as solo power players, their relationship is remarkably free of drama. They sit around in their pajamas and watch cable and snuggle, which may, after all, be the ultimate fantasy. When they climb off the couch from beneath their favorite cashmere throws or disembark from their yachts, they work as if James Brown were their boss. One of them is always touring, always in the studio, always somewhere making kinds of multimillion dollar-deals that keep them on the Forbes list.
Shortly after they’d become serious, when Jay was on summer tour, I was touched by the fact that they were committed to scheduling real time together, even if that meant Beyonce coming on the road, occasionally gracing the stage to perform one of their collabos. I wondered to myself if Jay would return the favor. Powerful women have no problem supporting their partners’ dreams so demonstratively. But that September, when it was her turn to head out on her first major international tour as a solo artist, Jay was backstage in her dressing room, playing cards with a robed Beyonce’, ready to return the backing and join her onstage if need arose. The very nature of such circumstances proves that they are, indeed, the true definition of a power couple.

Back in the day...

Read More In Ebony Magazine on News stands now!
Thanks Necole 

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