Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Kardashian Christmas

The Kardashian group is taking some heat after a Christmas photo was posted on the web and Yahoo today. Geez the comments were so negative. I personally like to watch the show. I love all the clothing in this pic and I don't think I've ever seen Kim in an outfit I didn't like. If nothin' else she's got her style down to a T. I think the show is entertaining, but I don't really care for Khloe cursing in front of her mother or the younger girls like she does. I think the two youngest girls are beautiful and maybe I'll get them in a Honey BEE swimsuit one day in the future!!! I also have to say despite all the negativity that they get, everyone definitely is still "Keeping Up with Them" and hello they are making $$$ off of it!!!

Cha Ching

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  1. I personally love it I think they all look AMAZBALLS even Mr.Mason he is just too cute for words.. But as you said they keep making that money .. This family knows the definition of a true hustling No BABY OR MAN will stop them from making it .. So while the rest of the world hates on them trust me they are make money no matter what .


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